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Business Revival - How New Old Medicine can help your business THRIVE!

Has your business lost its mojo?
Have results been lacklustre?
Do you feel there's a loss of flow to your purpose or within your team?

Businesses have an energetic just like people do. Lack of communication between the head and the heart of the business, for instance, can create turbulence in the flow of energy. Turbulence allows chaos. Chaos impedes success.

It doesn't have to be this way. Roberta Weber New Old Medicine can sniff out the area of disturbance within your business, revealing and adjusting the factors involved and reviving the authentic flow.

Testimonial from and Independent Retailer in Dundee - February 4, 2019

"After a series of extremely successful personal sessions with Roberta, we decided to focus on my business in what was an uncertain time for everyone involved in retail. After each session I felt re-energised and the business had its best Christmas trading figures for some years - certainly bucking the trend nationally!!! Coincidence...??"

New Old Medicine and your business...

What happens when you hire Roberta Weber New Old Medicine to work on your business?

First your business' energetic will be assessed to ascertain what is needed to change the dynamics of your business flow. This will include an in-depth discussion of the structure of the company as well as a discussion of the goals for the session/s. This work can only be undertaken with the permission of the business owner/governing board. From this discussion, Roberta will do a diagnostic session to ascertain the number and length of sessions needed to achieve the goals described. She will write a report vaguely outlining the areas of disturbance detected and what is needed to bring back harmony.

If further work is commissioned there may be other requests for information to aid the specificity of the sessions.

The initial diagnostic session will be charged at £60 per hour of discussion and session time - generally 2-3 hours. Prices thereafter will vary according the the complexity of the business and the number of sessions needed. Contact Roberta via email or phone using the linked buttons above to discuss your needs and secure the energetic change that is needed for your business.

the small print..

Healing is rarely a linear process and by definition requires change. This is as true for a business as it is a person. This change isn't dictated by the session or Roberta, but can occur as a result of clearing the energy matrix of the business. Change is met by everyone differently, and the different players in any situation will react differently. Not everyone likes change or sees the value in it so, temporarily at least, there can be increased disharmony before the new healthier dynamic settles in. This is a necessary shift and important for any business to realise before undertaking the services of Roberta Weber New Old Medicine for business sessions.

Are you ready to fall in LOVE with your work again!?

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