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The Five Elements can be described as phases of energy. These phases encompass all the movement within life, from birth through to death. They hold within the archetypes the possibilities for organisation and planning, expansion and growth, harvesting the fruits of labour, letting go (with clarity) of what is not serving, and redefining the ambition felt within by allowing the survival instinct to be heard and honoured. Stepping into observation of how these phases are expressed within us gives a unique insight into how well (or not) we hold each phase. After revealing the strengths and weaknesses within the five element system, and utilising the variety of tools available, Roberta can guide the re-imagining of all the phase shifts and bring a newfound clarity not only to your professional self, but to your personal health and wellbeing as well. Shift Your Path coaching can allow you to inhabit a new energetic free of old habits.

This coaching is an expansion of the healing and wellbeing work already done within New Old Medicine, but with an intention being set for the utilisation of the tools in a more Agenda based way then the usual sessions will take place. Some work with Roberta will likely be needed to clear the way to work in such a non-priority based way.

'Coaching' is the best term for this kind of work although this is not a course borne out of a separate life coaching programme. It is simply an acknowledgement of the type of work that often occurs naturally through the New Old Medicine amalgamation of modalities.

Programme for 'Coaching' Work

The coaching work will be engaged in as a journey together to discover the weaknesses and strengths held within a person. Tools for the client's increased resilience will be developed along the way through the use of guided visualisations, an unrepentant search for knowing, and a stepping into a wholeness that can only happen through a willingness to unwrap all of the gifts within ('good' and 'bad').

More specifically this will involve:

  • An initial intake session that explores what brought you to this time and place in your life. During this an intention/agenda for the coaching work will be explored and set (2 hours).
    Three Five Element Constellation sessions to reveal the places of strength and weakness (1-2 hours each) and bring balancing where possible.
    A final Shamanic Healing including the revelation of the spirit guides and power animals that are present within the client that can be utilised by the client as they open to walking the path on their own (1-2 hours).
    Two follow up BodyTalk sessions at two weeks and four weeks past the Shamanic healing to help make sense of the path that has been revealed and to clear away any internal barriers to integration of the work (1 hour each).

  • Investment: £500 payable by BACS or PayPal. Instalments are available via the PayPal app.
    Fine Print: Dates for the work to go forward will be determined before payment is made. All work will be done online unless arranged otherwise, therefore some method of video streaming (smartphone is fine) is needed.

    Please contact me if you have any questions!

    Group work is also possible using the same format but with some alteration to the cost. Please be in touch to discuss your needs and desires!

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