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BodyTalk is my preferred starting point for my sessions with clients. This is because the cost/benefit ratio in terms of resolution of symptoms and the increase in wellbeing is generally the most favourable.

BodyTalk is “WholeHealthcareTM”. The BodyTalk system is a relatively new therapy that utilises concepts from both Western and Eastern traditions and combines them with muscle checking to discern what is the highest priority for healing within the bodymind of an individual. It actively works with the psychological impact life events have within a person and the effect that can have to diminish the natural self-healing the body is capable of doing. Implementation is via tapping (ie no needles). There is no diagnosis and no prescription within BodyTalk - there is observation and tapping to reset the system. Working seemingly like magic, there are very few side effects and a lot to gain.

BodyTalk courses cover a huge variety of subjects aimed at training the practitioner to be open to seeing all possible blocks within their clients. The courses I have taken within the BodyTalk system include specialist subjects which are listed below:

  • Microbiome imbalances (how you and the bacteria, etc are getting on in your body)
  • Epigenetic blocks (how yours and your ancestors' past experiences are helping or harming you)
  • Belief System and Consciousness barriers (what do we believe our body and mind is capable of?)
  • Lymphatic drainage (this is often about 'who am I'?)
  • Family and group dynamics, as well as intrusions causing difficulties (this is where we are stuck in an unhelpful pattern)

  • Tools. Gv20

    Traditional Acupuncture with Moxibustion

    I have utilised the Five Element form of acupuncture and moxibustion for over twelve years to support and develop each person’s unique and authentic energetic. When our energetic is fully supported, the patterns of ill health can loosen their grip and our expression of ourselves as unique human beings is realised. Acupuncture interacts with our energy/chi using very fine, solid needles at specific junctions on the body. Needling provides subtle manipulations of the energy that can then alter our physiology such that our physical and mental health can be changed. Another option, instead of needles, is the use of an electrical point stimulator that utilises low frequency concentrated stimulation at the acupuncture points. I find this works very well, especially for children. Moxibustion is the burning of the herb mugwort over an acupuncture point (generally before needling). This provides heat and light – both forms of energy – at the point and creates a potency that is greater than needling alone. Moxibustion can also be used on its own depending on the situation.

    The Five Elements correspond to the seasons: Wood/Spring, Fire/Summer, Earth/Late Summer, Metal/Autumn, and Water/Winter and have their own special energetic movement that correlates to the movement within each of us. To understand this better it can be helpful to consider a season - such as Spring. The natural world in Spring is expressing itself upwards and outwards with a determination that is powerful (think of the snowdrop bulbs that have had a rock placed upon them – they will push their way out and around, and almost through if necessary!). Now think about the people in your life – do you know of anyone who expresses this energy all the time, almost in an intimidating way? The movement of the Wood Element energy is typified by that upward surge and the need to follow a plan, sometimes with the inability to understand why everyone else isn’t following that plan as well. That person may well have a large dose of the Wood Element within their natural energetic, and out of balance that can bring anger, tears, rigidity (especially to tendons and ligaments) and general ‘bull-headedness’.

    The individual energetic can be thought of as being as unique as our genetic code. Honouring that energetic is helpful to health, but impeding it can have detrimental consequences. I have used Traditional Acupuncture with Moxibustion with hundreds of people from teens to nonagenarians. Through this experience, I have come to understand that realigning each person with their authentic energetic is key to the deepest form of healing.

    Shamanic Healing Practices

    The word 'Shaman' can be translated as 'one who knows'. Similarly to BodyTalk, it uses a guided intuitive knowing to determine the original cause of dis-ease. With Shamanism the intuition is developed through connection to the world in the unseen realms and through developing relationship with Spirit guides. A Shaman was given their title by their tribe and they had the job of understanding the interconnectedness between the tribe and Nature. They had to keep the tribe safe. I cannot claim to be a Shaman and am not attempting to, but I have had three years of training aimed at developing my ability to utilise some of the tools of Shamanic Practice such as Soul and Power Retrievals, Extractions, Cord Cutting, etc. The premise of the healing techniques in Shamanism are very similar to what I have been practicing via Five Element acupuncture for years, however, I now have a much better grasp of the what’s and why’s of changes seen with the addition of the experience this course brought me. What I mean by this is that the acupuncture I do always held ‘Spirit’ (as in how is the client’s Spirit manifesting) as the primary consideration for what points to utilise, and what direction the session will take.

    The Shamanic work I do is generally in the context of the other modalities - for instance via acupuncture points like 'Spiritual Soul Gate' which is used when someone needs to be brought back into their body after a trauma. Or it can come in via the BodyTalk route, when a formula from the BodyTalk reveals that a part of a person's Soul had to flee due to some incident and it comes back in through the normal tapping that would have been happening already. Sometimes the big guns will be needed and drums and rattles will be employed to facilitate the healing work. Shamanic healing can be done outwith the other therapies or in conjunction with them, as just explained.

    Constellation Therapy

    Indigenous cultures around the world recognise that we as individuals are held within a network or constellation of other people and energies and how that network flows (or doesn't) can profoundly influence our health and wellbeing. It is another method for bringing the unseen into our awareness and allows us to then work with the players to change the influences. Constellation work was a big part of my training in the Shamanic Healing techniques, and I have followed that up with extending my education to include all the family dynamics. This work in particular is helpful for allowing clients to feel for themselves the strengths of the influences that have been present in the unseen realms and just how much of a relief it is to release from the entanglements that no longer serve them or were never theirs to begin with.

    Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture from the European tradition

    Auricular Acupuncture works on the basis that all body parts and functioning have a corresponding area on the ear that can be interacted with to induce a change to that bodily area. Further, it has the diagnostic capability within it that allows the most reactive points for each situation to be used. I utilise Auricular acupuncture regularly in my clinic mostly to help clear away emotional distress ease the nervous system, and to help with physical pain. The ear points can be accessed with needles or with seeds or beads that are on a plaster, which are left on the ear for a number of days.

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