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14th November 2018 
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New Old Medicine - Heal the Past, Switch your Fate.

NewOldMedicine is about YOU and the reality you wish to create

Is your past limiting the way you live and love? Would you create a different scenario for your life if you could? Have you struggled to break out of your old ways in the past? Is your life path right now a true expression of who you are and what you wish to bring to this world?

Would you like help to uncover the life path that is the best fit for you and not just a reaction to yours or your ancestor's past?

Yes?! Let's work together to Heal the Past, Switch your Fate.

There are a variety of ways to work with me to help your shift become your everyday.

One to One sessions that are aimed at addressing what is needed at that time and place.

One to One sessions that are part of one of my courses.

Group sessions as part of a circle healing session or one of my courses .

The sessions are available in person or via an online platform/phone conversation.

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