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Work with me to step into the Health and Leadership experience you were born to hold in this lifetime.

Your environment may be what makes you feel unwell - but you're probably thinking of it the wrong way.

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It is a fallacy that your health and wellbeing is down to how hard you work at yoga, mindfulness, or 'clean food'. It's not to say those things don't matter and they can't do good - they do and they can. But fundamentally, your ability to be well is underpinned by your 'relational' quality. Relational quality includes more than social interactions with chosen family, birth family and friendships/community but also how connected you feel to your belonging (family, society, etc), to the land (the illusion of separation to the earth itself), to your ancestors (whose survival is probably predetermining your life more than you realise), to your values (when was the last time you realigned yourself to those), and to your dreams (ditto with the values). If you want good health, you need to have vital connections on all levels. Fortunately, many of these aspects overlap and can be addressed together.

My work breaks down the disturbances in the unseen but deeply felt connections. I hunt for the areas of difficulty and bring listening and observation to any disturbance allowing harmony throughout the connections again. The result is you get to be easily and fully you and your health becomes a reflection of the clarity you have in all your connections.

If you're tired of battling like a singularity in a deeply entangled world - and if you are ready to step into ease within your flow then working with me will streamline that process. As we work together, I teach what I can of the ways of knowing so you can gain the skills needed to navigate the tangled dynamics as well as obtain clarity and strength in your own interconnected web.

Sessions are available worldwide via online platforms.

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The tools used to facilitate changes
  • BodyIntuitive and BodyTalk
  • Biofield Tuning
  • Five Element Traditional Acupuncture
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Systemic Constellation

  • Healing is not removal of illness. It is a journey towards virtue – or greater and greater alignment with Tao. - Thea Elijah

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    Here is a recent review on Facebook of my work:
    Roberta is amazing, intuitive and kind. Through her practice she has helped me completely change my life direction. Tackling pain was my main request but Roberta achieved so much more. My confidence, self belief, motivation and outlook on life has changed too. Will be forever grateful for her help and support.

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